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We spent 3 days in Iceland, two of which were on Gray Line tours. The first tour we did was the South Coast with waterfalls and glacier hike. If your looking for a glacier hike DO NOT take this tour. The glacier part was more of a very slow picture taking walk. They let you put on crampons and carry an ice axe however for as slow as you walk you do not need them. We were rushed from one spot to another spending more time on the bus then at the actual places. We found ourselves running on multiple occasions to make it to the bus in time before being yelled at by our guide. The waterfalls were beautiful and the locations we visited were great however we barley had any time to explore them. The guide was very friendly (other then rushing us along) and very informative. The second tour we did on our last day in Iceland was the Golden Circle Classic. The day started out with pretty crappy weather but we made the best of it. The tour started to go downhill when going to the geyser we were informed it was going to cost extra to view them. This was a big surprise because it was not mentioned anywhere in the brochure. After paying extra to see the geysers we sat waiting for the bus to depart and it went nowhere. After waiting 30 minutes on the bus the guide informed us the bus was having problems and we were going to have to wait at least another half hour for another bus to get there. We waited at least that and then got back on the same broken bus. The guide then told us we were going to be skipping the last few stops because they didn't trust the bus. Then after riding for a ways the guide said we would be stopping at the geothermal plant (another stop that cost extra, this one was mentioned in the brochure). However making this stop got us back into the city over an hour later then expected leaving us unable to do other things we had planned. I would NOT recommend Gray Line Tours to anyone and will never take a tour with the company again.
Iceland Excursions:
Thank you for your review of our tours. The tour of the South Coast and Waterfalls with glacier hike is a day tour with the intention to introduce the visitor to a short glacier walk. Most of our passengers have never even seen a glacier, let alone walked on one. The guides have to show extreme caution and a fast and far hike is not an option on this tour. Very sorry to see you had different expection. The distance covered in this tour is also rather long and many places covered in order to make the most of the tour. the stops at each site is considered adequate for most of our passengers.
As for the Golden Circle tour, an unfortunate unilateral decision of the landowners of the areas surrounding Geysir hot springs was to start charging entrance of visitors on the day of your visit. The dispute is ongoing and does unfortunately affect our passengers who want to get a closer look at the hot springs. The view from the road is clear but not as close up as we are used to.
All our buses are relatively new and a breakdown is rare during our tours. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience and delay that resulted of one hour. The Skalholt bishop´s church was the only missing part of the tour, all other areas listed in our tour description were visited.
We can understand your frustration for the unforeseen request for entrance charges to the footpath leading to the hot springs, which was a surprise to us as well.

We did two trips on consecutive nights. The first was splendid - the second was brilliant. On the first night we were taken to a cafe several miles from Reykjavik where we didn't have long to relax and enjoy refreshments. By 10pm guides announced that the aurora was visible and we all rushed out into the freezing darkness to marvel at the spectacle. We were impressed - the guides less so. They ushered us into the buses and rushed us to a new location, along rumbling gravel tracks to a car park overlooking a mountain lake where, indeed, the show was much clearer. Clearly, the staff know their trade. After a while it was time to go home, but on the way the light show developed into something much more impressive, and a further, unscheduled stop was made. At this, the staff were satisfied that we had seen the lights properly. Up to this point, they told us, we would have been entitled to a further free tour - valid for two years - because the light show that had previously thrilled us was only just good enough. On the second night we went to the same cafe and had to wait much longer. We were on the point of leaving when the heavens burst into light and we were treated to the full works - shifting curtains of green, purple and red radiance. We had no need to move on. The guides were brilliant, explaining patiently, advising on photography and answering all questions. Our only grumble is about our fellow passengers. They were asked repeatedly NOT to use photo flash, yet there was so much flashing of cameras and flashlights that it was difficult to get our eyes properly accustomed to the darkness without moving well away from the main crowd. Meanwhile some of the staff were busy taking amazing photos of the lights - and guests - which now appear on the Gray Line web site. This trip was really good, and worth the money, but if you do decide to try it, please leave your flashlight in your pocket and make sure the flash on your camera is off, off, off.

Excellent. On time and no problems finding the bus at the airport.

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